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The MTRS20 with included 3 slot rail is the latest offering in the MT series of clamps for lights with built in attachment points. This 1.7oz clamp fits in the small space of the Mossberg 590 SHOCKWAVE 20 gauge. This mount can be positioned 2 ways, left, or right, and provides a solid "lock up" around the mag tube that stays in place when you remove the barrel. Each position allows for a sling to be used on one side or the bottom. Manufacturered from aircraft grade aluminum and hard coat anodized it is a superior mounting solution for those with limited space or under the gun sling mounting requirements. One tool for one bolt is all that is needed to attach and remove the clamp.00, 1200 and SXP Defender.

FITS: Mossberg 590 20 gauge SHOCKWAVE, Mossberg 500 Youth, Maverick 88 in 20 gauge.

NOTE:Sling swivel, light or other accessories are not included.eNot for use with heat shield.

MTRS 20 Light Mount

Check out the video section to see how the MTRS Rail is mounted correctly.